Data-driven Deterrence
Preemptive Protection

Expose Cyber Adversaries, Preempt Attacks, Bolster Your Defenses

Since the dawn of cyber threats, enterprise CISOs and their teams have faced a set of threat actors that remain largely uncontested. Adversaries persist in attacking enterprises at will, targeting their suppliers, customers, and peers without consequence. Undeterred by today’s cyber security tools, adversaries see it all as a game with the rules stacked for them. No risk, all reward.

Deter and Measure,
Don't Detect and Guess

What if you knew what your adversaries were doing (and how) when targeting you or your extended enterprise?

Adversary Behavior Analytics

Opora developed Adversary Behavior Analytics (ABA) to eliminate your time and visibility disadvantage against adversaries - closing your protection gap

ABA maps and analyzes adversary pre-attack and attack behavior as well as their attack infrastructure in real-time. By analyzing and mapping adversary behavior, the ABA platform discovers patterns and captures details about attacker intent and infrastructure missed by other technologies – giving security teams a time and visibility advantage to improve defenses – through deterrence. 

And because we analyze adversary behavior at every attack stage, you’ll have quantifiable, dynamic benchmarks on how well you contain adversary threats compared to peers and over time.

Evolve from hunting threats after the fact to disarming them ahead of time.

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Deter Your Adversaries

Effective deterrence results in fewer incidents to respond to, thus delivering stronger defenses with less effort.

Prepare and prioritize actions to protect your enterprise against adversary attacks via data-driven behavioral analysis and maps of an adversary's entire infrastructure. 


Take preemptive action by sending automated countermeasures across your security controls to thwart adversary attacks.


Measure your adversary containment level, assess the performance of each layer of your security stack, and compare your adversary threat and containment levels against industry peers.

Make it easier to defend against your adversary, more difficult for your adversary to target you, and compare how well your defenses perform against peers.

Preemptive Data-driven Cyber Security

Having an accurate view of your business ecosystem threat landscape has never been easy.

But with Opora, CISOs now have visibility into an adversary’s behavioral and infrastructure blueprint. The blueprint enables:

  • Analysis of live adversary threat analysis which shows specific, attributed adversary groups targeting your organization, your suppliers, peers, and customers.
  • Evaluation of threat severity levels, adversary intent, MO, weapons and size of attack infrastructure and how it changes.
  • Closure of enterprise time and visibility protection gaps by (1) prioritizing actions to close them and (2) utilize Opora’s automation capabilities to drive counter measures prior to the actual attack.
  • Integration of Opora directly into your threat stack via our APIs to immediately and completely block an adversary’s attack infrastructure.
  • Delivery of containment commands to security controls and orchestration platforms for rapid response and investigation tool threat severity enrichment.

Also, with Opora, CISOs can finally benchmark adversary threat and containment levels compared to their peers, and see which part of their organization adversaries are targeting, to fortify defenses in real-time.

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Unlike other cyber security vendors, who rely on post-attack indicators, we focus on pre-attack adversary behavior. We track and map their entire attack infrastructure – before they launch their attacks.

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