Our Mission

We know that cyber attacks don’t happen out of thin air, without rhyme or reason. Threat actors target organizations in distinctive ways; and when they conduct these attacks, they prepare for them using methods that can be monitored, mapped, and preempted.

Our mission is to expose these adversaries, by monitoring, and analyzing their behavior before they attack – delivering effective countermeasures so each layer of our customers’ protection stack is automatically inoculated against these attacks.

“I learned from counterintelligence that human beings exhibit behaviors that create patterns which can be tracked.”

— Yuval Diskin, Co-founder and Active Chairman and former Shin Bet chief

Our Story

Opora’s founders bring decades of experience in actionable and preemptive defense solving the most challenging global cyber security and national security issues confronting the private and public sector.

Before founding Opora in 2018, Yuval Diskin, as the Director of Shin Bet, knew that traditional law enforcement tactics were insufficient to protect Israel’s homeland. By studying adversary methods and behavior, Shin Bet was able to stop attacks before they ever started, preemptively protecting precious lives and optimizing available resources.

Our Customers

Some of the largest global organizations across financial, pharmaceutical, energy, retail, and government sectors trust Opora to help shield their operations against their most persistent adversaries.

“We started Opora because we believe the most important element in the war against cyber criminals is time. Opora gives enterprises a preemptive advantage by providing dynamic adversary visibility to thwart the most immediate threats.”



Yuval Diskin
Founder & President

Yuval Diskin is a founder and Active Chairman of Opora. Prior to founding Opora, Diskin, Tsafrir Kats & Dr. Tamir Bechor created, Diskin Advanced Technologies, a security consultancy serving global enterprises. The three also partnered with Volkswagen AG to found Cymotive, a cyber security company, developing cutting edge solutions for connected, electric and driverless cars. As the 12th Director of the Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet),
Diskin led the development of the Shin Bet’s cyber capabilities. Diskin has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy magazine.

Chris Bell

Chris Bell is co-founder and CEO of Opora. He is a serial entrepreneur with extensive knowledge of the cybersecurity industry. Chris was a co-founder of Securonix, a market leader in security analytics, and served as its COO and also led Business Development. As founder of Evantix, he architected the world’s first IT risk reporting bureau for on-demand risk and compliance reporting. He has also held senior management positions at both Deloitte and EY in their IT security and risk management practices.

Noam Jolles
Founder & Chief Intel Officer

Noam Jolles is an Opora co-founder and its Chief Intelligence Officer. She co-founded Opora to deliver the value of Preemptive Intelligence to the private sector. Noam is a recognized intelligence expert and thought leader in information gathering, analysis and outcomes. Over the past two decades, she has served in a variety of roles leading intelligence R&D and core intelligence operations for the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet). Her focus is empowering security executives and their teams to preempt cyber adversaries from inflicting damage on extended enterprises.

Roy Peretz
VP Product Management

Roy Peretz serves as Opora’s VP of Product Management. He is responsible for its product strategy and vision. Roy brings nearly two decades of experience driving market-leading cybersecurity product strategy and development from inital concept to customer delivery. Prior to Opora, Roy was an additional founder in Whitebox Security and led its product management function. His knowledge, vision and practical guidance resulted in its acquisition by SailPoint. (NYSE:SAIL).

Dana Matsliah
HR Director

Dana brings over 15 years of experience in managing human capital in various organizations, with a focus on the cybersecurity industry. Before joining Opora, Dana was the VP of HR at Bugsec, and has served in HR roles for the Israeli Intelligence Corps (8200). Dana sees HR as a key partner to the business, and believes that when you “follow your dreams, and your passion – even if it is difficult – you must celebrate the small successes and not forget to enjoy the journey”.

Iko Azoulay

Iko is a proven innovator and a technology leader. Iko has led successfully numerous products from inception stages, most of which in cybersecurity and cloud arenas. Prior to Opora, Iko founded empow Cybersecurity ,a NG-SIEM aimed at disrupting the SIEM market where he served as it’s CTO. Over the years Iko held several executive positions as well as served as Chief Architect at Huawei leading innovation for it’s cloud division.

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