Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer

Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer


At Opora we build the next generation of Cyber Threat Intelligence technologies. We’re at the forefront of multiple technology trends, uniquely combining Cloud Computing, Big Data, Machine Learning. Our growing list of international big-name clients enjoy a cutting-edge cyber intelligence platform, that help protect against future threats before they materialize.


We are looking for a talented Data Scientist \ ML Engineer, preferably with cybersecurity background, to join our journey of disrupting the threat intelligence market. The candidate should have adequate technical background and motivation to learn and implement production grade solutions in big-data, cloud environment.

As part of OPORA’s data science team, you will:

  • Research and develop novel models, involving advanced AI and ML algorithms
  • Think out of the box to elegantly solve complex problems in production driven approach
  • Take active part in implementing the full chain from data to production
  • Constantly learn and improve your expertise in a diversified set of data science and related fields
  • Gain specialist knowledge, closely collaborating with engineering & intelligence groups experts
  • Take active part in designing the company’s Data Science vision


  • 2+ years in data science of proven record implementing and deploying machine learning models from POC phase to production
  • B.Sc. in CS/Mathematics/Engineering or a relevant field. (M.Sc. – Advantage)
  • At least 2 years of programming in Python/R/Node.js/C++ etc. using software development modern disciplines (git, agile, ci-cd, containers, micro-services)
  • Strong background in computer science fundamentals – data structures, algorithms, complexities, threading


  • Experience in unsupervised and semi-supervisedclustering algorithms
  • Hands-on experience working on BigData, in a cloud ecosystem
  • Cyber security background
  • Proficiency in DeepLearning frameworks Pytorch, Tensorflow-Keras


America Office
1234 Opora St., Ste 22
San Francisco, CA. 94016

Israel Office
22, Opora Street
02-771-7854 (inside Israel)
+771-3-671-8976 (outside Israel)