Preempt attacks for measurable adversary deterrence.

Opora’s cloud-based platform enables you to preempt adversary attacks with automated and orchestrated countermeasures across your protection stack.

Opora’s cloud-based portal delivers live adversary threat data, detailed profiles on adversaries, their behavior and infrastructure. The portal also provides threat and containment KPIs to measure your overall performance in managing and mitigating adversary threats.  

Because the Opora platform requires no agents or on-premises software, setup and integration with your existing threat prevention, detection, and response technologies is straightforward and fast.

How It Works



Opora monitors adversaries by tracking their pre-attack and attack behavior. The system continuously collects and correlates the weak signals that adversaries exhibit when building, operating, and using their attack infrastructure. Items monitored during Reconnaissance / Assembly / Recon / Weaponization stages include: 

  • Name Servers
  • Hosting Infrastructures
  • Delivery / Payload / C2 Domains
  • Redirection Infrastructure
  • Phishing Headers




The behavioral characteristics an adversary exhibits during the Assembly, Conspiracy, and Weaponization stages are classified, attributed and correlated to an adversary’s attack infrastructure, you have detailed insight into:

  • Accurate view of an adversary’s attack infrastructure
  • Pre-attack TTPs
  • Customer-specific prevention and containment commands



Utilizing these highly accurate and detailed insights about an adversary’s attack infrastructure enables flagging, blocking, and containing high-risk adversaries who target your enterprise. Integrating Opora directly into your protection stack ensures adversaries are identified. Your prevention, detection and response toolset benefits from continual delivery of automated adversary containment commands, actions, and playbooks.

Integrating Opora into your protection stack is fast and straightforward. Gain real-time, measurable visibility into protection stack performance against a set of constantly innovating and persistent adversaries.

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Expose, Preempt and Deter your adversaries.