Prevent BEC and Phishing Attacks


Enterprise email continues to be an attacker target, with business email compromise, phishing, and spear-phishing attacks on the rise. Even with a Secure Email Gateway (SEG) in place, adversaries change their attack infrastructure so often it’s tough for these technologies to keep pace.  


By tracking adversaries during the planning and delivery stages of a phishing campaign, Opora ABA arms your SEG in advance to block malicious email domains before they ever reach the user’s inbox. Plus, Opora can identify malicious embedded links, allowing your SEG to auto-block phishing, spear-phishing, and business email compromise attacks even if the user clicks.  


Automatically protect against phishing and spear-phishing attack infrastructure

Avoid unnecessary downtime or disruption to business operations

Secure remote worker access without impacting productivity

Expose, Preempt and Deter your adversaries