Ransomware Protection


Ransomware attacks against the financial services industry increased by 900% in just a few months earlier this year. Persistent ransomware attackers continually adapt when targeting an enterprise’s defenses, slipping by one or more controls to carry out their attacks… making it essential for enterprises to act – and adapt – fast. Detect-and-respond technologies only looking for post-attack behavior aren’t equipped for these adaptations.


Trickbot malware emerged in 2016 as a banking trojan then quickly adapted to distribute file-encrypting ransomware and other credential-stealing and data leaking capabilities. Focusing only on a single weapon and its associated indicators rather than the source behind the attack – the Ryuk ransomware group (aka UNC 1878 hacking group) and their entire infrastructure – leaves enterprises exposed.


Opora ABA monitors adversaries during pre-attack stages – before an adversary gains initial access needed to deliver ransomware – and maps malware distribution channels for banking trojans (e.g. Trickbot), and ransomware (e.g. Ryuk), and other weaponry directed at specific industry verticals like financial services.

Using live maps of adversary infrastructure and profiles of adversary behavior, we pinpoint  when cyber-criminal groups known for ransomware start building or renting attack infrastructure (e.g. RaaS or MaaS) to target your organization or your customers – so you can preempt these attacks. Plus, if an adversary has already breached your organization, we quickly flag the targeted assets, contain the attack, and block future attacks from this adversary group and their collaborators.

Rather than reverse engineer post-attack indicators to develop signatures that detect known ransomware attacks, Opora tracks adversary behavior and analyzes how ransomware actors develop, operate, adapt, and maintain their attack infrastructure.

How it Works

Opora ABA maps the entire attack infrastructure rather than hunting for a single IOC or file hash, so our containment commands adjust as threat actors adapt their methods. Opora ABA changes the game by enabling systematic threat defense to deter ransomware adversary groups en masse, rather than one event or weapon at a time.


Faster and more complete ransomware prevention with less effort

Optimized incident response (fewer incidents to investigate and recover from)

Real-time measurement of your adversary protection level compared to your industry peers

Expose, Preempt and Deter your adversaries