Threat Deterrence

Threat Deterrence

Current detect and respond approaches focus on generic threat actors and post-attack indicators. But Opora ABA deters your adversaries based on a dynamic understanding of who they are, how and when they attack, and what tools are used to attack your organization and ecosystem.

Reduce overall attack surface area—attackers move on once they hit a few brick walls

Measure threat severity and containment with data-optimized defense adjustments

Achieve enterprise security maturity without adding complexity or resources

Threat Deterrence Use Cases

Attack Surface Reduction

Reduce the attack surface by preemptively blocking active connections to infrastructure used by your adversaries.

Threat Management Benchmarks and KPIs

Replace arbitrary metrics like dwell times and ‘days to patch’ with actionable KPIs on adversary threat severity, containment, and deterrence.

Expose, Preempt and Deter your adversaries