Threat Prevention

Threat Prevention

Unlike detect and respond approaches that focus on tangential threat indicators and event signatures, Opora ABA focuses on the true source of the threat – the adversary, their actions, and their arsenal. This level of visibility empowers threat prevention systematically and enterprise-wide.

Empower existing defenses to disarm the true source of the attack—your adversary’s actions and arsenal

Translate adversary behavior into targeted and preemptive defensive actions

Block threats at the attack infrastructure level vs. the indicator or event level

Threat Prevention Use Cases

Auto-Block Connections to Malicious Infrastructure

Using your existing prevention tools, block connections to your adversary’s entire attack infrastructure as it dynamically changes through pre-attack to attack phases.

Prevent BEC and Phishing Attacks

Block malicious email domains before any infected emails, attachments or links ever land in an employee’s inbox… and even after they do.

Ransomware Protection

Preemptively block the attack infrastructure used to deliver and carry out ransomware attacks.

Expose, Preempt and Deter your adversaries