We preempt cyberattacks before they start.

We track adversaries and what they do, not the breadcrumbs they leave behind. We know when they’re building an arsenal that targets you, your customers, and your suppliers.

Traditional approaches look backward, we look forward.

We enable CISOs and their teams to preemptively protect their businesses, measure the effectiveness of their defenses and continually improve their ability to deter these persistent adversaries.

When you know where, how, when and what threat actors will use to attack you, you can preempt threats and contain them more completely – to deter your persistent adversaries.

Designed to Expose

We know your adversaries. We uncover their attack infrastructure — the operations, arsenal and actions which are missed by other solutions. By uncovering pre-attack adversary behavior patterns, and tying these to specific domains, IPs, and other TTPs, Opora enables organizations to prepare for and preempt attacks before impact.

Designed to Preempt

We know what it takes to preempt attacks – discovering threats missed by traditional ‘detect-and-respond’ solutions. Rather than rely solely on individual post-attack IOCs, Opora monitors and translates pre-attack adversary behaviors into automated and orchestrated countermeasures across your protection stack.

Designed to Deter

We are changing the terms of engagement between CISO and adversary. Uncloaking an adversary’s arsenal, actions, and operations removes their persistent advantage. Reduce your overall attack surface while using your existing defenses – by driving up the opportunity cost of attacking your enterprise. These minimal returns force the adversary to move on.

The Opora Difference


We are a provider of behavioral analytics rather than merely a supplier of post-attack indicators (IOCs) or other atomic data points that lack core context or relevance.


We translate adversary behavior into profiles of an adversary’s attack infrastructure enabling us to give advance notice of attacks.


We create and communicate customer-specific preemptive countermeasures vs. indicators that require manual interpretation and translation into action.

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Stop putting out fires and start deterring your adversaries.